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Rubber Rumble strips -500MM


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Rubber Rumble strips -500MM

To Reduce Parking Area Vehicle Speed and Trolley Speed

Specification : Length : 500MM X 2 Nos | Width : 100MM | Height : 15 MM | Color : Black and Yellow.

series of raised strips across a road or along its edge, changing the noise a vehicle's tyres make on the surface and so warning drivers of speed restrictions or of the edge of the road.

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Rumble strips, also known as sleeper lines, alert strips, audible lines, sleepy bumps, wake up calls, growlers, drift lines, and drunk bumps, are a road safety feature to alert inattentive drivers of potential danger, by causing a tactile vibration and audible rumbling transmitted through the wheels into the vehicle interior. A rumble strip is applied along the direction of travel following an edgeline or centerline, to alert drivers when they drift from their lane. Rumble strips may also be installed in a series across the direction of travel, to warn drivers of a stop or slowdown ahead, or of an approaching danger spot. 

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