About Us

Pleasant Journey With You

We laid the foundation of PRAGATI TRAFFIC SAFETY in the middle of the year in June 2021, which rests on your love and trust! In this wonderful journey with you, we want to move ahead on the strength of our honesty and hard work.

Our Efforts For You
  1. We are never satisfied with the definition of good.We make every effort to reach the highest standards of quality and purity.
  2. We aim to fill your kitchen with taste and purity as well as happiness.
  3. That's why we're at your service with meticulously cleaned. We have passed our grains through multiple refinery actions and undergo process through the Buhler sortex refine process to get selected premium quality cereals.
  4. PRAGATI TRAFFIC SAFETY Provides airtight and monitored packing which prevents grains from dampness and any kind of an extraneous mess.

What do we have

From the house of PRAGATI TRAFFIC SAFETY , We offer anextensive range of SANTRIPTI spices and grains like all types of Atta, whole grains, Split grains, variety of rice, and many more.

We deliver happiness

We are committed to keeping please Master Chef of your house and filling your food plate with Mouth melting taste and health. Your trust is our motivation and we are determined to uphold it.